Double Time

Saturday, June 3, 8:00 to 11:00 PM

Royal City Mission Church

50 Quebec St.

Artwork by Devon Kerslake

“Short works… Twice”

From the curator and organizer of Short&Sweet: Guelph Edition comes a new event called Double Time. In a casual and fun setting, Double Time opens up the creative process and invites you in.

Twelve artists are randomly paired up. Each pairing creates a short work of 2-5 minutes and then they show it twice. How they show it is up to them!  It could be the same (is that even possible?) or it could be totally different (how is it the same work?). It is an experiment in presence and listening.  Curated by Katie Ewald and presented by Guelph Dance, local artists and artists from across Canada open up their process and invite you in to see what they can make over a two-day period.  The process will include support through workshops with local artist, writer, and movement educator Leslie Greco to explore the concepts of listening and responding. The artists will encounter each other and each pair will make something to share with us by end of those two days. Join us to witness exploration, vulnerability and risk-taking. Enjoy a drink from the bar in this casual and light-hearted setting. There will be a short intermission and then we reset and do it again!

It’s twice as nice.

Stick around after the show! The Cabaret space will be turned into the After-Party Lounge.  Stay for a drink, sweet tunes, great conversations and a dance or two! 


Katie Ewald


Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davi, Meryem Alaoui, Ishra Blanco, Siyobin Blanco, Kaelin Isserlin, Allison Blakley, Meghan MacNeil, Theresa Kretsch, Haley Dimeck, Tara Butler, Leanne Dyer, Mara Dupas

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