In the Studio with Guelph Dancers

In the Studio with Guelph Dancers is a video series running from October 2020 to September 2021 in which the work of local dance artists is highlighted. Join us every month as we introduce a new artist.

Videography thanks to Dan Charlebois of Bloom Media.

This project has been made possible thanks to the support from Regional Tourism Organization 4 Inc.

October 2020 – Michele Green and Suzette Sherman

November 2020 – Haley Dimeck

December 2020 – Katie Ewald

January 2021 – Janet Johnson

February 2021 – Rowen McBride-Pilon

March 2021 – Mattie Bower

April 2021 – Kween

May 2021 – Georgia Simms

June 2021 – Drew Berry

July 2021 – Barbara Dametto

August 2021 – Lindsay Roe

September 2021 – Ishra Blanco and Mary Snow

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