Kaelin Isserlin

Kaelin Isserlin(any pronouns) is a white, queer, nonbinary dance artist and choreographer. They trained at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, notably inspired by David Norsworthy, Apolonia Velasquez and Marc Boivin. He received further training at Transformation Danse learning from RUBBERBAND and Ohad Naharin. 

Freelancing has offered Kaelin the pleasure to work with friends and inspirations including, WIlli Dorner (Austria), Marjolien Vogels (Amsterdam), Marie Lambin, Noemie LaFrance, NOSTOS collectives, EIlish Shin-Culhane, I/O Movement/Lauren Runions to name a few. 

All these experiences lend to choreographic work that replaces a lack of spirituality with blistering electronic music, strobing lights and ritualistic movement events. Kaelin has produced her own public performances. She has also been supported by community projects like the Garage and Aeris Korper, giving avenues for self proclaimed perverse and risky ideas.

I hope to continue creating equally exciting and terrifying work that merge into meta-digital media.

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