Community Projects

Current Community Projects

The Welcome Project

In partnership with Toronto’s Dreamwalker Dance Company, The Welcome Project: Sharing Stories seeks to build a more inclusive and equitable local community by connecting individuals from different backgrounds and lived experiences through movement and gesture.

With the support from local community partners and interested individuals, we are seeking for participants to join this unprecedented initiative.


Imprint a Community Dance Project Returns! At any given moment, we exist and live suspended by ten thousand threads of connection and interdependence – they tie us together, hold us up, and also weigh us down. Whether we like to think so or not – we live dependently. With a large cast of intergenerational performers ranging from youth to seniors, this large group work is a physical tracing and reflection of these threads, informed by multiple voices at multiple stages of life. It is an acknowledgement that we don’t accomplish anything in this world alone and a human tapestry of the many weavings of our lives.

Past Community Projects

Across Oceans Arts

In 2014, Toronto choreographer Maxine Heppner from Across Oceans Arts lead a two-week community project that included local performers creating specifically for Guelph’s Exhibition Park. The project culminated in the performance of Untitled at the 2014 Guelph Dance Festival. Across Oceans creates opportunities for artists and the public to explore the collaborative experience of artmaking, whether it’s in conventional theatres, galleries, and studios or unconventional settings such as wading pools, historic sites, formal salons, breweries, hilltops, harbours, and rice fields.

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