Imprint is a community-based project that was first conceived of by Meredith Thompson with a cast of folks from in and around Tkaronto in 2019. The project was to be part of the 2020 Guelph Dance Festival. We managed to get one rehearsal in before the pandemic distanced us all. After a long pause we came back in 2021 to begin again … Following that experience last spring, it was the shared hope that we could reconvene in person one day and dance the piece truly together… This time has come.

Day to day, and moment to moment, we exist and live suspended by ten thousand threads of connection and interdependence. Imprint is an acknowledgement of this interconnectivity and the many weavings of our lives.

Performers: Catherine Bell, Jillian Cockburn, Laila Cockburn, Ali English, Josie English, Ulrika Englund, Maia H. Fields, Leslie Fisher, Gina Giammarco, Nemea Grace Giddings, Christine Hemple, Maeve Hind, Richelle Hirlehey, Bree Leggett, Sh’aura Leggett, Donna Little, Michelle Peek, Audrey Peek Evans, Juliet Peek Evans, Sully Malaeb Proulx, Stephanie Roberts, Dominika Solan, Cristin Stephens-Wegner, Angela Vascotto, Katarina Vuckovic, Heather Warren, Maren Wegner, Teis Wegner, Emma Wood, Edie Wright, Noriko Yamamoto, Yasi Zorlutuna, Eda Zorlutuna-Moore

Original music: Robbie Grunwald

Originally from Huntsville, Ontario, the traditional territory of the Anishnaabeg, Meredith Thompson (she/her) is a dance artist who lives and works in Tkaronto. As a creator and maker, Meredith most often works on projects of collaborative nature and these projects have been presented at various festivals across the country from coast to coast to Arctic coast. As a performer, Meredith has interpreted the works of numerous artists, and performed throughout Canada and beyond for over two decades. Fond of teaching and of working with people of all ages and abilities, Meredith is also an active arts educator in a variety of contexts and facilitator of community-based projects for intergenerational folks. 

Very special thanks to the original cast of Imprint; to R. Grunwald; to Andrea Konarzewski and Sylvie Bouchard; and to Catrina, Leslie and Guelph Dance for your incredible support and continued commitment to this project. 

Imprint was first commissioned by Dusk Dances and premiered at Dusk Dances Withrow Park on August 5, 2019.

Photo by John Lauener

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