Getting Ready to celebrate Women’s Voices

Janet: Women’s Voicesis the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival’s way of doing our small part in honouring and celebrating women on International Women’s Day. It is an event that encourages a sense of solidarity amongst our community of vibrant women, women facing challenges, and those who come in support of this important day.  On a local note, it is our intention that Women’s Voices not only acts as a medium for focus and support of women, but that all proceeds go to Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis.

This year we’re partnering with the Guelph Fab 5, five Guelph-centered performing arts festivals that are committed to enhancing our community and which share a core belief in innovation, that the arts can change the world, and that education is a fundamental activity.

People of all ages will be uplifted by the power of our community to come together and produce great moments of artistic expression, reveal poignant elements of humanity, and find great solidarity in shared effort.  

Women’s Voices is for those who believe in the ever-necessary change that needs to occur all over the world for women seeking equality, safety, and expression.  It is a fantastic event for bringing this awareness to our community by means of artistic expression.

We are thrilled that this year we will be featuring not only dance but music and film.  The performers will range from 12-years-old to adult and beyond!  The featured artistic works will be:  Fall on Your Feet performing a new work by Toronto dance icon, Karen Kaeja;

Karen Kaeja. Photo by Ella Cooper
Guelph’s dazzling Robert Kingsbury’s premiere of a brand new work with newly-arrived-to-Guelph-from-Montreal dancer, Katie Ewald;

Robert Kingsbury
and born-and-raised-in-Guelph dancer/choreographer/teacher Kelly Steadman who will mount a beautiful work with Guelph’s finest youth dancers.  

Choreography by Kelly Steadman
The Hillside Festival will be featuring a youth musician from their Girls and Guitars series. The Guelph Jazz Festival has put forward clarinetist, Tilly Kooyman, and the Festival of Moving Media has offered up a film entitled “Flawed” for this event.  


Women’s Voices is accessible for all those interested and hopes to encourage a multi-generational, eclectic group of eager community members keen on the colours and hues which depict the vast arena of women!

Women’s Voices will take place at 7pm at John F. Ross, E.L. Fox Auditorium, 21 Meyer Drive, Guelph. Tickets can be purchased at the door and all proceeds will go to Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis. After the show, we invite you to join us for a reception. 

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