2015 Guelph Dance Festival

In the Park

Frog in Hand

Mississauga, Ontario

Café Noisette 2014

Choreographed by Colleen Snell, in collaboration with the dancers

It’s 1920, and gangsters swagger into a café. Chaos ensues as servers flirt with danger, suited men pick fights, and the locals erupt into energetic …

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Helen Simard

Montreal, Quebec

On the Subject of Compassion 2011

Choreographed by Helen Simard

On June 1st, 2011, iconic Canadian dancer Margie Gillis was “interviewed” on a private “news” program. The interviewer tried to belittle Ms. Gillis, and attacked …

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Toy Guns Dance Theatre

Edmonton, Alberta

Bright Lights, Cold Water (Watching Netflix at 3am Questioning Your Mortality) 2014

Choreographed by Jake Hastey

Performed by 12 multi-faceted artists, Bright Lights, Cold Water explores the complexities of relationships from growth to decline, and the moment where you start to …

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Dasein Dance Theatre

London, Ontario

Emergence 2012

Choreographed by Lacey Smith

Emergence follows four baby birds as they emerge from the warmth of their shells into the world and begin their journey of growth, interconnectivity, and …

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Dance Market – Saturday

The marketplace features dance and martial arts studios, physiotherapists, movement practitioners, and much more. Teachers, performers, mentors, healers, musicians, individuals and studios, will display and demonstrate …

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Dance Market – Sunday

Come and try a variety of dance and movement forms offered by local schools and movement centres. Take the plunge into physical expression, fitness and …

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On the Stage

Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

Montreal, Quebec

Florilège 2014

Choreographed by Margie Gillis

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of her career as a choreographer and soloist, Margie Gillis has composed a veritable bouquet of choreographic works. Florilège is …

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Rhonda Baker

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nutshell 2014

Choreographed by Sharon Moore

Nutshell is a work made for Rhonda Baker that utilizes her sensuality, technical prowess, and emotional depth. We witness the tied up, unfinished ends, unrelenting …

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Tony Chong Danse

Montreal, Quebec

Désillusions de l’Enchantement 2011

Choreographed by Tony Chong

La Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty)This trio explores sexual awakening and transformation. By concentrating on a girl’s development into womanhood, Sleeping Beauty is about …

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Julia Garlisi

Guelph, Ontario

Piece for the Year 1981 2015

Choreographed by Julia Garlisi

The choreography of Piece for the Year 1981 uses the haunting piano composition of Lauri Vainmaa to communicate a narrative of challenge and uncertainty. This …

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Tentacle Tribe

Montreal, Quebec

Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid 2014

Choreographed by Emmanuelle Lê Phan & Elon Höglund

In a delectable fusion of music and movement, Tentacle Tribe invents a geometry of harmonious urban contemporary dance that they call “conceptual hip-hop” or “deconstructed …

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Jody Oberfelder Projects

New York City, USA

The Brain Piece 2015

Choreographed by Jody Oberfelder

The Brain Piece is a choreographed experience that bridges art and science. Examining perception and proprioception – how neurons that wire together fire together – …

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Katie Ewald

Guelph, Ontario

ReCalibrate 2015

Choreographed by Jasmin McGraw, Simon Portigal, and Lynette Segal with Janet Morton

“How can we make the audience a partner in adventure instead of a consumer?” – Frie Leysen Katie Ewald asked dance-makers Jasmin McGraw, Simon Portigal, …

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In the Studio 

Portal Dance Project

Guelph, Ontario

The Hands of the Beautiful Swimmers 1997

Choreographed by Janet Johnson

The Hands of the Beautiful Swimmers involves three diverse performers in collaboration with the exquisite poetry of Kingston poet/writer Steven Heighton. The timeless text and provocative …

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Dancing from the Inside Out with Margie Gillis

This workshop supports participants to discover the wisdom of their bodies as well as to connect with the curiosity and awe that initiates and inspires …

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Conceptual Hip Hop with Tentacle Tribe

Elon & Emmanuelle, founders of Tentacle Tribe, have through years of experience as professional dancers (Cirque du Soleil, Rubberbandance, B-boyIZM, Cirque Eloize) developed a unique …

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