3 thoughts on “Experiments in Science and Beauty”

  1. First of all what and awesome idea! I love getting a sneak peak into where the artists are coming from through this blog. I always go away hungry for more inside info after reading the blurb in the program and watching the incredible performances. Now I can get that!
    Secondly I am very intrigued with the concept of connecting science to dance. As a primary teacher, I spend much of my time trying to integrate subjects and engage students in activities that will help them to see the connections across curriculum strands. Science and drama has always been a very easy fit for me but in a totally different way. I always thought of the processes

  2. Sorry, it stopped letting me add to that post or edit it, so I decided to publish and add here. Any way I was saying that I think of the ways science happens a

    Okay, something is wrong, every time I try to edit or reword something it freezes and lock me out. I will try again and then leave it. I just wanted to say how I saw how movement is a wonderful way to express the changes that take place in a scientific process but had not thought of it in terms of the process of creating the dance itself. What a unique connection. I am already envisioning how

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for persisting because this was so wonderful to read. You made the imaginative leaps flawlessly. I have loved working on this project for so many reasons, but how basic it is to how we could teach people to think across disciplines is one of my main motivations.


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