Q&A with Kween

Kween is one of Guelph Dance’s current Artists in Residence and her new work, Love Not War, will be part of our In the Virtual Park series at the festival this year. Here is what Kween shared with us about her work and the process of bringing it online:

Photo by Dan Charlebois, Bloom Media

GD: What are you most excited about telling the audience about your work?

K: The message – I really do not want to give anything away. But the message is so important for our BIPOC community. This is an opportunity to be seen, heard and felt. I am so excited to see the audience – see something they haven’t in this city. Really trying to push that idea of representations, opportunity and accountability. 

I am excited to tell them that this piece will leave you wanting to be more and do more. It will leave you questioning what is next. During this monumental time – I encourage our community to come explore dance through the souls of our BIPOC artists. 

Photo by Dan Charlebois, Bloom Media

GD: Were there any surprising benefits to the process of bringing your work online?

K: This has not been an easy process – but the minute we shifted to film – it opened up so much more in terms of possibilities and in terms of creativity. I went from a Choreographer to a Director, Producer, Stage Director in one email. For me that was thrilling – being able to now create something powerful on film, through different footage shots, different scenery and through music and silence. 

Film is a whole other world of exploration and with this residency – the whole process has been exploration and growth. Being refreshed yet renewed…..after all the frustration ends. Online allows us to connect to a wide range of folx and leave space for everyone. 

GD: What do you hope the audience will take away from your work?

K: Depth of thought and drive. I hope the audience leaves impacted – in your heart, soul and spirit. I want the audience to go on the same journey our BIPOC faces every day. The ups, the downs, the grief, the fear, the anger, the empowerment, the celebrations and the unity. This is not a time to get complacent but get motivated!!

Don’t miss Love Not War at our In the Virtual Park series, Saturday, June 5th at 7PM.

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