2021 Guelph Dance Festival Tickets

*For those who have purchased tickets, your viewing instructions are in your inbox from Eventbrite with the subject :

“2021 Guelph Dance viewing instructions” or “Order Confirmation 2021 Guelph Dance Festival”

Purchase Your Festival Pass Today!

The Festival Pass includes access to all performances, workshops and discussions. Our tiered pricing structure ensures everyone can access the programming regardless of financial situation.

However, registration IS REQUIRED in order to receive the links and passwords needed for viewing.

Festival Pricing:

Festival Pass General Admission -$40

Festival Pass Discounted Rate (suggested for Students and Seniors) -$20

Festival Pass Pay It Forward (suggested for those who wish to help cover the cost of Subsidized tickets or have multiple people watching at home) -$80

Festival Pass Subsidized (suggested for those who are unable to purchase a ticket at this time) – $0

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