Tanya Williams

  • Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Tanya Williams (she/her). For over 20 years, the dance practice of Contact Improvisation has been a life-line. It would consistently invite me to lean into the dance of relationship… to embrace an open state of not knowing, with my whole body, and sense the subtle (and sudden) shifts of our shared centre of gravity on this earth.  Since COVID, though the Contact Improv Jams are closed, the need to practice feels all the more vivid.  Though skeptical of what the online world could offer me by way of human contact, I stumbled upon a community of practice called Collective Presencing and discovered a new way I could continue learning how we can move together with all this, as one-body, and across great physical distances.  I dove in and the water is surprisingly warm and rich with life.

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