Katie Ewald

Katie Ewald is a dancer based in Guelph, Ontario. She has collaborated with several choreographers and artists, most notably Ame Henderson with Public Recordings (Toronto), Daniel Léveillé Danse (Montréal) and Forced Enertainment (UK) touring and performing across Canada and Europe.

As a movement educator she knows the ins and outs of biomechanics and can help you understand the structures, functions and motions of your body. She has, alongside her journey as a dancer, trained in many somatic practices.  All of this contributes to her ability to give you the tools to learn how to regulate your nervous system, help you heal your injuries and get stronger.  Katie can help you learn how to make your body your best friend and feel good inside of it!  

She has made her own choreographies that always deal with presence in some way. She is the producer the wildly popular Short&Sweet (created by Wants&Needs Dance) during Kazoo!Fest in Guelph and Sappyfest in Sackville NB. 

Very soon she will have the immense honour of dancing with visual artist Shary Boyle’s show Outside the palace of Me in the Gardiner Museum. 

Class description

This class is about having fun!  It’s a dance party for those who know deep down inside they love to dance, but might want a little help getting more comfortable busting out.  Katie will give you tips and simple techniques to work with as you dance and find your authentic groove. There is no choreography to learn and no wrong moves.  This class will lift your soul and elevate your vibrations. Let’s put on our red shoes and dance!

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