Alten Wilmot

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” …and 99% of the ones you do.

Alten Wilmot (they/he) is a multi-award winning New Generation artist that has been creating, performing, and producing theatre, dance, and film works around the country for five years.  

Alten believes in telling stories as they believe stories are the most effective way to teach emotional knowledge. They use story as our way into the situation, which we relate to conflicts in our own lives, and dance as our way into experiencing the full journey, release, and healing of that situation, filling in the gaps and wonders from our own experiences.  It is theatrical experiences like these that have served as landmarks in Alten’s personal growth and inspiration, and experiences like these that they seek to share with others.

Alten is the founder and Artistic Director of Unwrap Theatre, a registered charity dedicated to supporting artists in building independently sustainable careers and sharing their work with the Kitchener-Waterloo arts scene.  Alten has worked with companies from coast to coast, performing in two Dora Award winning productions, receiving a Denny Award, multiple grants from municipal to national funding bodies, the ArtworxTO Emerging Artist Award, and a Queer Emerging Artist Award from Buddies in Bad Times.  Most recently, you can catch Alten in the seventh movie of the Bring It On franchise, playing the cheeky, charming, and humorous Mateo.

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