Tentacle Tribe (Montréal)

Saturday, June 1: 8:00 PM

River Run Centre Cooperators Theatre

35 Woolwich St



Critically acclaimed “Ghost” is a show steeped in poetry, of being in the zone, in humor and in dazzling technical precision. They approach the body in an exploration of the subtleties of breathing in relation to movement, sounds and rhythm. The result is a complex, structured and acrobatic dance that literally merges with the music. The breath, like a vibration, elegantly traverses the bodies and gestures of the dancers and forges a powerful connectivity within the group, giving rise to organic and unusual forms of movement.


Elon Höglund & Emmanuelle Lê Phan


Elon Höglund, Emmanuelle Le Phan, Rahime Gay-Labbé, Mecdy Jean-Pierre, Céline Richard-Robichon, Marie-Reine Kabasha


Samuel Nadaï


Benoit Larivière


Rosalie Lemay


Tentacle Tribe dance company presents their unique brand of conceptual hip–hop, experimenting with intricate partnering, refined musicality and a saturated dose of physical choreography. Through vast experience dancing and choreographing for Cirque du Soleil, Rubberbandance and Cirque Eloize, co–founders Lê Phan and Höglund have redefined their bbboying and bgirling practices into an innovative esthetic that transcends style boundaries and expresses the embodiment of music beyond technique.

Since 2013, their work has travelled internationally, both in the contemporary realm, as well as making a huge impact in the Hiphop Theater world, partnering with giants such as Breakin’ Convention and Summer Dance Forever Festival.


Born in Stockholm, co-founder of Tentacle Tribe, Elon Höglund developed a deep interest for Hiphop & martial arts and trained extensively in various forms: kung fu, capoeira and tae kwon do. Since 2001, Elon has performed and choreographed fusion-style contemporary works for theatre, dance and contemporary circus productions. Québeco-vietnamese and raised in Ottawa, B-girl known as Cleopatra and co-founder of dance company Tentacle Tribe, Emmanuelle Lê Phan has forged a singular career path intermingling breaking and contemporary dance.


Thank you to these contributors for the making of Ghost: Conseil des arts du Canada
, Conseil des arts de Montréal, Danse à la carte DAC
, Arsenal Art Contemporain
, Maison de la Culture Villeray/Saint-Michel
, Maison de la Culture Pointe-aux-Trembles, 
Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

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