Drew Berry

Portraiture is a cinematic manifestation of a personal journal. In an attempt to accurately capture the artist’s emotional and environmental shifts throughout one year, journal entries are translated into site-specific improvised movement portraits. A genuine depiction of impulse and reflection, the cinematic landscape gems lure the interpreter’s imagination through a time of isolation. While moving through Canada’s four distinct seasons, Portraiture invites us to find a gentle sense of admiration for the inevitability of change.

Born and raised in Guelph ON, Drew Berry is a Guelph/Toronto-based multidisciplinary performance artist and teacher. Her mediums include dance, theatre, photography, videography, and classical piano. Drew is a company member with Rock Bottom Movement where she has participated in residencies at Canadian Stage, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada’s National Ballet Open Space Program, and Toronto Dance Theatre. The company’s most recent production, “hollow mountain”, was awarded two Dora Mavor Moore awards for Outstanding Production and Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble. Other collaborators include: Kaeja d’Dance, Portal Dance, Jaberi Dance Theatre, Frog in Hand, Emma Kerson, Nico Al Ajillo, Irma Villafuerte, Kate Hilliard and Alias Dance Project. A graduate from Quinte Ballet School of Canada’s post-graduate program, Drew holds her BFA (Honours) from the Performance Dance program at Ryerson University. Drew is honoured to be an Artist in Residence with Guelph Dance and is thrilled to be presenting her newest work at the Guelph Dance Festival.

Creative Team

Director / Performance / Camera / Edit: Drew Berry

Cinematic Directorial Liaison: Pony Nicole Herauf 

Costume Designer: Dakota Burpee

Music: Benjamin Shapiro & Nefe 

Mentor / Dramaturg: Karen Kaeja 

Outside Eyes: Matthew Badoe & Lynette Segal

Production Assistant: Taylor Forbes 

Special Thanks: Guelph Dance, Creative Team, Catrina von Radecki, Linda Hunter, Brian Berry, Hayley Berry, Amie-Blaire Chartier, Miyeko Ferguson, Taylor Forbes, Mela Lee Burgess, Alyssa Martin, Natasha Poon Woo, Kween, Georgia Simms, Kaeja d’Dance & Dan Charlebois.

Photo by Taylor Forbes & Festival Signature Photo by Drew Berry

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