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Arcade Continuous is a group dance that explores how the fields of somatics and videogaming might meet. The work traces how virtual experiences are created, both through technological interfaces and choreographic structures. In it, the performers drift between states of digital alienation and interactive play. Arcade Continuous asks what technological forms dance practices play out onto bodies, and conversely, how the digital might be met and re-interpreted by the embodied realm. The video version of the work includes materials and practices from several sections of the work and takes place outside of 4 dance studios in Toronto, 3 of which have ceased to operate since the start of this project. Other locations include mutual st and the Toronto Necropolis. The process of making this film has served as a reflection on what has changed in our worlds this past year and offered a place to grieve the loss of our cultural spaces and contacts through dancing together and apart. Behind the scenes performers Bee Pallomina & Naishi Wang are an integral part of this work and were unable to be in the video due to life circumstances. 

Not Applicable Productions is the umbrella for the interdisciplinary work of Robert Kingsbury and his collaborators. NAP’s output includes producing site-specific and theatrical choreographic works, dance films, video work for visual artists, musicians as well as composition and sound design. NAP has had choreographic productions commissioned by DUO, presented at SummerWorks, Rhubarb, Guelph Dance, Dancemakers & performed by TDT & Cadence Contemporary Ballet. NAP’s notable collaborations include projects with Anandam Dancetheatre, The Dietrich Group, Workman Arts, Jasmyn Fyffe Dance, Ryan Cunningham, Troy Emery Twigg, Kitchener Youth Theatre, Janet Morton, Deva Premal & L CON.


Danielle Baskerville, Shelby Wright, Robert Halley & Robert Kingsbury


Robert Kingsbury “Lullabye Requiem” composed between 2019-2021, recorded at Number 9 studios © 2021

Special Thanks

Arcade Continuous is made possible by the generous contributions of the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. Thank you to the National Ballet of Canada for the use of rehearsal space as part of the CreativAction Open Space program. Blessings to Sharon Moore for her mentorship and Guelph Dance for the continued workshop/performance opportunities that have supported the development of this work. Thanks to Lauren Runions for her drone operation. Dance Artists who have contributed to the research and project at different stages include Jasmyn Fyffe, Jonathan Osborn, Andrew Tay & Preston Wilder. Finally, to my loving partner David Balzer, thank you for being there for me over the entirety of this 4 year process.

Photo by Not Applicable Productions

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