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HELLO WORLD is an ode to nature. Questioning our recent need to create a green world when we could actually in a more simple way go back to nature and be restored. I am playing with the notions of over achieving, collapsing, realizing and connecting.  The return to the origin of life, water, from which modern humans have turned away, disconnecting themselves to build a material world and destroying the ressources for our species to survive. 

HELLO WORLD is a pop satire of our society. The solo is putting the light on our everyday conflict of interests. We wish to save our planet but without changing our way of life…

Choreographer & performer: Laura Arend

Original music : Patrick De Oliveira

Costume : Geneviève Pfeffer

Choregraphic assistant : Olivia Caillaud

In 2006, French-Luxembourgish choreographer Laura Arend joined the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon (CNSMDL) then the Young Ballet. In 2009, she was received at Merce Cunningham Studio in New York City and flew to the United States for three years. From 2011, Laura Arend began to present her choreographic research work in various studios and venues, including the mythical Judson Church – NYC.

After three years of technical enrichment and numerous international artistic encounters, she left New York in 2011 to join the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) in Israel.  At the beginning of 2016 Laura Arend decided to focus solely on the development of her personal projects and creates with her company. She orients her work on the inspiration of the “dance and travel” duo. This engine of reflection and creation marks the starting point of the creation of Laboration Art Company. Travel inspires her work, each country is a source of human, social and aesthetic revelations (lights, scenography, artistic and choreographic direction) that it transposes into each of LAC’s pieces: YAMA, FIVE, ANNA, YIRO and MIDAS. 

Alongside her choreographic research, Laura Arend was invited to choreograph for other companies. In the spring of 2015 she created LEADERSHEEP for the Young European Ballet.  In 2017, it was the turn of the Jeune Ballet d’Aquitaine with SYNC and in 2020, she created PARIOSCORPIO for them. She also continued her educational work by giving workshops in France and abroad: Israel, USA, India, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Morocco, in particular.

During the 2018-2019 season, Laura Arend developed the choreographic platform SPLIT at Point Ephémère, Paris. SPLIT is quickly becoming a quarterly Parisian meeting place for emerging companies from the Ile de France region. In parallel with her choreographic work, Laura makes herself available for different experiences: She danced in Valérie Donzelli’s feature film “Notre Dame” in 2019 and participated in events such as at the Opéra National de Paris under the direction of Dimitri Chamblas and posed for the editorial of Gala magazine. She collaborated with LA HORDE for the Isabelle Marant show for Fashion Week in September 2020. 

On February 9, the GALA HOPE took take place. An exceptional evening organized by Laura Arend and Charlotte Ranson for the benefit of the Institute of Myology. On this occasion Laura has the opportunity to collaborate with the artist JR, to shoot the promotional video with the director Cédric Klapisch. On this occasion, she presented her duet with the star dancer of the Paris Opera, Alice Renavand.

With the support of the dispositif Recif of Karukara Ballet in Guadeloupe, the ministre of overseas and the Scène Nationale de Reims : Le studio. 

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