Jillian Peever (Burk’s Falls)

Saturday, June 1: 4:00 PM

IICSI ImprovLab (University of Guelph)

MacKinnon Bldg, 87 Trent Ln

The View From Here


A sculptural slow burn. A confined space and a woman with volume. The source is the body. The body in action reveals truths. With an emphasis on task-based creative process, the individual emerges, and navigates her whole being with aliveness as she traverses the depths of reality through both stillness and fervor.


Sasha Ivanochko


Jillian Peever


Matthew Ariaratnam


Jillian Peever- Performer & Project Lead

Peever is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and arts advocate who has recently relocated from Toronto to the village of Burk’s Falls Ontario. As mother of 2 young children she finds her work shifting direction towards more layered and complex dance experiences that challenge her and satisfy her desire to grow as an artist. The huge personal shift caused by motherhood generates a heightened curiosity in performance, movement development, and community centered work as though dance is the fuel that allows the rest of her life to burn brightly, illuminating the people around her with joyful open-mindedness.


Sasha is an artist with 33 years experience performing, creating, teaching, and curating in the field of Contemporary dance. Honours for her work include the K.M. Hunter Award, two Chalmers Family Fellowships, the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate scholarship, and the 2020 John Hobday Award for Arts Management. She has assumed a variety of creative and administrative roles in the milieu; from 2005-2020, she toured her ad-hoc dance company, Ivanochko in company; from 2018 – 2021 she was Artistic Director of Dancers’ Studio West; and in August of 2021, she assumed the role of Artistic and Pedagogical Director of Dance Arts Institute (formerly the School of Toronto Dance Theatre).


This work would not be complete without the work of it’s collaborators, Matthew Ariaratnam-Musical Composition; Jordana Deveau-Rehearsal Director; Noah Feaver- Lighting Design, James Kendall-Set Design; Tanya White- Costume Design. Thanks also to Laurence Lemieux who supported the work at it’s early stage. Thanks to my family for supporting my journey in the arts, especially my husband Brady Peever.

This IN THE LAB performance has been made possible through support from IISCI.

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