A dancer stands in the centre of a grey tiled floor dressed in a voluminous brown paper dress. Dancer is looking up towards their right. Seven audience members are seen standing behind the dancer.

FakeKnot “PAPER DRESS” crafting Workshop

Saturday, June 1: 10:00 AM

Exhibition Park, 81 London Rd W

Inclement Weather Location: GYD Studios, 42 Quebec St

FakeKnot’s artistic director, Ralph Escamillan brings you into the creative process for his recent work, Croquis. Central to this work is the materiality and structure of a garment constructed entirely out of paper, which is created new each time the work is performed. In this workshop, Ralph takes you on a crafting journey—sharing his unique process for building the paper dress. You’ll learn how to pleat, chord, and knot paper to create your own garment, while also exploring how when worn it can inform movement. This crafting workshop explores the versatility of a humble material such as packing paper. Snacks, refreshments and all materials will be provided.

Age: Recommended for ages 16+. Participants under the age of 16 are welcome but we ask that they are accompanied by a guardian.

By joining this workshop you acknowledge that you are participating in Guelph Dance’s festival workshop series. In the case of injury or accident of any kind during the workshop, neither Guelph Dance (GD) nor volunteer or staff of GD, or workshop leader(s)/artist(s) will be held liable for the occurrence. You hereby release GD, its employees, workshop leader(s)/artist(s), or volunteers from all claims or damage, which may arise out of any loss or personal injury to the participants in this workshop. You also understand that music used in the videos is not property of Guelph Dance and is for educational purposes only.

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