Alten Wilmot

Guelph Dance Artist-in-Residence, Alten Wilmot, will be sharing an excerpt of what he has been working on this past year and leading a conversation around it.  The work, “Diserenity”, uses the transcript of a community member who shared their coming of age story to create a dance-play that tells a story of persistence and survival.

Choreographer & performer: Alten Wilmot

Music: Little One by Ben Noble, Breaking Frontier by g-yerro

Alten Wilmot is a multi-disciplinary artist seeking to bring together an ever-growing community of curious people through innovative dance, theatre and film. They were born in Kitchener-Waterloo to interracial parents, hailing from Jamaica, Italy, and Mohawk ancestry. He is Queer, “disabled,” and a New Generation artist.  They have experience working independently and collaboratively as an actor, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, writer, and producer. They strive to leave audiences with feelings of curiosity, inspiration, and vulnerability; currently using dance, journalism, and playwriting to investigate art within capitalism and to poeticize local stories of dysfunctional relationships.

Special thanks to Catrina & Guelph Dance

Still from footage by Bloom Media

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