Mosa Neshama McNeilly at the GCDF

Mosa: The GCDF blew my socks off my first summer in Guelph, 2006. I moved here with my daughter from Toronto in the dead of winter, and the festival really played a part in my finding my artistic bearings in this new much smaller city. 
Mosa at the GCDF 2010.
I was so impressed with the caliber of performances and the general feel of the festival that right away I wanted to become involved in some way. I met Catrina through signing my daughter up for dance classes at Temple. When she learned about my dance background, she invited me to do an African dance arts ed project at John McCrae, her children’s school at the time, where she was an active parent. I was thrilled when she asked me if I would be interested to sit on the Board of Directors for GCDF, and did for two years, 2008-10. My experience on the board was educational and rewarding. I learned a lot about the logistical and artistic behind-the-scenes runnings of the festival, and each year felt so proud to be an ambassador for such an awesome festival. The meetings were always a good mix of good vibes and hard work. Nothing but good memories, really, and when my time frees up a little, I will be knocking on their door to see if there is still a seat on the Board for me.
A multidisciplinary artist and educator with 25 years experience, Mosa’s mixed media collage and installation art work has been exhibited internationally in numerous group and solo art exhibitions. She has performed extensively as a singer, storyteller, and dancer in schools and public venues. She teaches African dance, drumming, drama and spoken word, facilitates arts projects culminating in murals, banners and quilts, and makes lecture presentations in galleries and universities. She is currently engaged in a program of independent study in voice and encaustic art working with two mentors. Mosa’s website.
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