Lynette Segal at IF 2020

Guelph Dance is very excited to be partnering with IF 2020 to present a new work by local dance artist Lynette Segal and her daughter Isabel Segal-Grossman.

Suspended by Lynette Segal & Isabel Segal-Grossman

During the uncertainty of the COVID shutdown, I supported my family, and was in turn supported by them. We inhabited the space between peaceful and fractious, with love in our hearts. I threw myself into gardening, cycling, hiking, finding home by the river, on the country roads, in the dappled light of the forests; suspended, yet witnessing life unfold.

Videography by my daughters Eden Segal-Grossman and Isabel Segal-Grossman.

Performed by myself and Isabel.

About Lynette Segal

Lynette Segal has worked in the field of Dance for over 30 years. Improvisation has been a consistent instigator, guiding her work as a choreographer, performer, and educator.

To catch Suspended during the improvisation Festival, taking place August 7-8, 2020 visit

About IF 2020

IF 2020 is a 24-hour online improvisation festival, featuring 100+ unique, original performances by over 150 international artists of all disciplines. Presented by the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI) in partnership with festivals and community organizations around the world, this all-night celebration of the arts will be free to stream online starting on August 8th at 1AM GMT +1, (find your local start time here). – link for streaming.

IF 2020 will feature short performance videos by musicians, spoken word poets, dancers, theatre practitioners, and multi-disciplinary artists from over 12 countries captured in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While in-person arts festivals are not possible this summer, IF will provide an alternative for people to come together and find solace and inspiration through art.

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