2019 Guelph Dance Festival

In the Park

CORPUS Dance Projects

Toronto, Ontario

Camping Royal 2013

Choreographed by Carolin Lindner and David Danzon

Two queens from a different time go on an absurd camping trip, far away from court. Without servants, they will have to use their creativity to survive in the wild. Their castle is reduced to basic tents, royal dances have to be executed on grass, one needs to fish for lunch and cope with the unpredictable whims of mother nature… A charming and interactive adventure for all ages.

Friday Creeations

Ottawa – Temagami First Nation, Ontario

Maggie & Me – A healing dance 2018

Choreographed by Christine Friday

This piece began with the offering to be a jingle dress dancer evolving into the creation of a contemporary healing dance allowing gifts and ancestral experience’s to guide the choreographer in creation and manifestation. In this signature solo, the dancer-choreographer travels with us through dimensional realms of existence – spirit, dream and present – performing a journey of her life.


Montreal, Quebec

No Excuses, No Limits 2017

Choreographed by Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli

“To me life is a dance; as long as our hearts are beating, a rhythm is being created. Sometimes it’s the littlest movements that make the biggest difference in a performance, just like in life; it’s the little things that matter. My whole life I was told I would never be able to walk, let alone dance. Today, I live my life to dance, I live to share my passion with others, and I live to encourage limitless possibilities by doing things our own way through the belief of NO EXCUSES, NO LIMITS.” Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli

Pauline Berndsen Danse

Montreal, Quebec

Hypnos 2018

Choreographed by Pauline Gervais

Hypnos stimulates the experience of collective hypnosis on the live music of Charles Bicari. Paradoxically to the view of practice as a lethargic state, Hypnos proposes a group of individuals full of energy and enthusiasm reacting to constraints through movement and music. Through their journeys, the dancers are connecting with each other on a psychic and physical aspects. Through that link that keeps strengthening during the whole piece, they let go of their doubts in order to fully benefit from the experience.

On the Stage

Fujiwara Dance Inventions

Toronto, ON


Choreographed by Denise Fujiwara

Eunoia is Christian Bök’s award-winning and bestselling book of conceptual poetry. It is built on the notion of constraining language to one vowel per chapter and tells stories in ways that are as pleasurable as they are ingenious. Denise Fujiwara’s adaptation of the book is a multimedia experience of dance, video, music and costume that employs similar constraints in such inventive ways that it has resulted in a groundbreaking performance lauded by audiences and critics alike. EUNOIA takes the audience on a verbal, visual and visceral journey. The conceit of the poem is introduced through games and then builds in complexity with fanciful narratives and semiotic play. Initially the audience grapples with the rich play of words and images, and then as the performance unfolds, they surrender to the surprises and wit that are revealed through layers of meaning in the moment.

In the Studio

Rowen McBride-Pilon

Guelph, ON

disparu 2019

Choreographed by Rowen McBride-Pilon

disparu explores the complicated emotions that accompany the disentangling of human relationships without explanation. The dancers find new ways of parting through various forms of disconnecting, resembling both the social media concept “ghosting” and the harsh reality of death. By delving into the idea of someone unexpectedly vanishing from your life, the dancers embark on a journey of memory and acceptance.

Catherine Bellefleur & Marie-Maxime Ross

Montreal, QC

Foolish Fish 2019

Choreographed by Catherine Bellefleur & Marie-Maxime Ross

For the piece Foolish Fish we were inspired and guided by the movement. This movement, which turns out to be rather clumsy and raw, was born of several improvised explorations where we were looking for individual and common instincts. The idea came from an unhealthy relationship between two individuals that enhance both personalities. They have a strong influence on each other and they evolve in a far-off world. There is an idea of duality that exists as much between the two women as in their own self. Despite these strong tensions, their dependence is greater than they dare to admit.

Lynette Segal

Guelph, ON

Yes, and 2019

Choreographed by Lynette Segal

Yes, and is an exploration influenced by life’s dilemmas: trusting in the unfolding of our lives, blindly moving out of the fog led by our hearts. Fortitude is required to stay curious, attentive, discerning, gracious, and humble, all the while loving and letting go. Entering into a creative space is an exciting, inviting, and intimidating place. Staying in the process of channeling experience into expression, finding the resonating mode of physicality, letting go of expectation with risk, yet fine tuning every breath, are among the joys that grace this practice – this life.

Youth Moves

Protected: Dasein Dance

Toronto, ON

Four Seasons Project 2019

Choreographed by Lacey Smith

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Ballet with Lina Cruz

Drawing from her training in ballet as well as in martial arts, Lina Cruz addresses the classical ballet technique with a neutral style. Her class is dynamic and offers tools that can make this technique more easily accessible, exciting and fun to explore, becoming therefore useful to dancers of all styles. This workshop is open to dancers 13 and up.

Indigenous Contemporary Dance with Christine Friday

Dance has been an integral part of our survival and cultural evolution into this century. A tool of self- expression, dance is ceremony and prayer. It is through our varied art practices that we are able to reclaim our spirit acknowledging and transforming hardships that we have endured for hundreds of years including abuse, loss of land, language and family structure.  This workshop/presentation will create cultural awareness and a greater understanding of who we are and where we are coming from as Indigenous people. Participants will be moved and connected with a better understanding of our First Nations Culture. Culture is an extension of our nature and spirit alive and well in this 21st century. This workshop is open to all, experienced and non-experienced movers alike!

Masterclass with Suzette Sherman

Suzette Sherman, long-time associate of master choreographer and teacher David Earle, will teach a technique class in his Graham based dance language. This class is open to Festival participants and professional/advanced dancers 13 and up. Come to experience expressing yourself through beautiful movement accompanied by exciting live percussion music.

Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable Discussion: What Moves You?

On Friday, May 31st festival artists spoke about What Moves them. We learned the inspiration behind some of the festival works.  Speakers included: Christine Friday (In the Park), Denise Fujiwara (On the Stage), Jane Alison McKinney (Late Night) Lynette Segal (In the Studio) and Lacey Smith (Youth Moves).

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