Festival Artist Feature: Tanveer Alam

Photo by Kendra Epik

Tanveer Alam is the choreographer of the work Tarana which he will be performing in alongside Sukriti Sharma and Barkha Patel during the IN THE PARK series. Tanveer shares a bit about the process of the dance work you’ll be seeing in Exhibition Park!

What motivated you to make the work you will be sharing at the Guelph Dance Festival?

Tanveer: It was made during the pandemic, and it was made for the first in person performance my peers and myself had done since COVID. We were motivated to share our art with audiences once again.

How long have you been working on this piece and how has it changed since its inception? 

T: 2 years. It keeps adapting with every presentation. The material gets reworked, refined, and reconfigured.

What was your biggest takeaway from the process of creating this work?

T: It’s important to be mindful of the strengths of different dancers, because our varied training backgrounds hold unique qualities that can add to a choreography.

Be sure to catch Tarana IN THE PARK happening Friday, May 31 at 7PM, and Saturday and Sunday, June 1 & 2 at 12noon. We’ll see you at Exhibition Park!

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