A Video-Blog from Pollux Dance

In the weeks before the Festival, we’ve been featuring several GCDF dance artists here on the blog. These amazing pieces give us an intimate, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the artistry, process, and experiences these talented dancers and choreographers from across the country are bringing to this year’s Guelph ContemporaryDance Festival. We encourage you to not just read their amazing stories, but to ask questions or engage in conversation about dance in our comments section below.  Get ready to Power Up!

Leslie-Ann Glen, choreographer and artistic director of Toronto’s Pollux Dance, decided to video-blog her piece for us in this fun and beautiful short film. Her work,

Leslie-Ann Glen founded Pollux Dance in 2010. Glen pulls inspiration from human hearts, depicting emotional concepts and experiences that would otherwise translate poorly through language, and communicating them through physical dance. Glen selects technically proficient dancers and challenges them with conveying their more human attributes, letting the lines between dancer and pedestrian blur so that the magic of the art and the reality of the world can meet somewhere in the middle.

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