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“In 2018 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Guelph Dance!  A truly large feat when you consider our small festival celebrates an art form still considered challenging and inaccessible to many, especially in a small city.  Guelph Dance has courageously and single-handedly managed to cultivate a growing population of appreciators, admirers, dancers and educators. Guelph has become a city that is marked on the map and recognized as a platform and center for contemporary dance. Simply amazing! The passion and perseverance needed to make this happen should not be underestimated.” 

Michelle Miller, President, Guelph Dance Board of Directors

Guelph Dance delivers a wide range of programs including the Guelph Dance Festival, co-productions with other local Festivals, workshops in schools, and art and dance camps for children and youth.  If you are interested in joining our dedicated and dynamic Board, please read the list of expectations for Board Members below and contact General Manager Adriana Rosselli at [email protected].

As a Board Member for Guelph Dance you will be expected to:

  • Represent Guelph Dance in the community
  • Have an appreciation for contemporary dance
  • Commit to a minimum two-year term
  • Attend a two-hour board meeting once a month
  • Serve on a committee (Artistic Director Advisory, Financial, Fundraising, Human Resources or Marketing)
  • Volunteer during the annual Guelph Dance Festival
  • Participate in the development of Guelph Dance’s organizational plan and annual review
  • Monitor all current Board policies and bylaws
  • Approve Guelph Dance’s budget
  • Help to negotiate the terms of employment, support, and participate in evaluating Guelph Dance staff
  • Be fiscally responsible for Guelph Dance as a registered charity
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