Q&A with OURO Collective

OURO Collective was formed in 2014 to advance the public’s appreciation of street dance culture, and amalgamates hip-hop, waacking, breaking, popping, and contemporary dance techniques to create artistically innovative, socially accessible and community-minded performances that explore the full range of possibilities and identities the group represents. Their work HAKO will be performed In the Park at the festival and we are lucky to have spoke with them about the work:

GD: What are you most excited about telling the audience about your work?

OURO: HAKO was a collaboration between installation artists, dancers, and engineers. Each artist had a key role in the creation and shared specific knowledge with the group. 

GD: What has been your biggest takeaway from the rehearsal process so far?

OURO: We were constantly discovering imaginative ways of incorporating our installations, technology, and dance styles into the piece which led to a rehearsal process that became an endless journey of discovery for new creation and movement techniques.

GD: What do you hope the audience will take away from your work?

OURO: We are looking forward to re-igniting our audience’s sense of curiosity and play by presenting work that pushes the boundaries of how street dance is perceived in live theatre.

You have three chances to see OURO’s work HAKO In the Park on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! Plus you have the chance to learn some moves from the collective members, Rina Pellerin and Ganna Martynova, at the OURO Approach Workshop June 4th at 10:30 AM! Check out the full festival lineup below!

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