Q&A with Lynette Segale

The 2019 In the Studio Series features the work in progress of four choreographers who participated in the Breaking Ground Mentorship Program. Today, we hear from Lynette Segal. GD: The theme of the 2019 GDF is “What Moves You,” can you share with us what moved you when working in the creation of Yes, and?

LS: My impetus for the creation of was two-fold. It’s been a topsy-turvy last few years for me, with many big changes in my life. I wanted to channel some of the turbulent energy towards a creative process, trusting that what I needed to explore and share would emerge in the studio… and it did! I’m also re-entering my practice of Contact Improvisation and being physically charged, working with falling, rolling, being grounded, fluid, and in flow. It was very satisfying to demand a considerable amount from myself physically, and know that my body is still adaptable, reliable and pliant. That said, as I write this, I’m recovering from a recent head injury. I anticipate complete recovery; our bodies are healing machines!

GD: What were the highlights of the mentorship process for you? The challenges?

LS: I was taken by Lina’s deeply intuitive sensitivity and highly attuned heart. She essentially asked me to transmute movement into emotion… therein lies the challenge.

GD: Is there anything else you would like to share with Guelph audiences before your performance?

I would like to shout out a huge, heartfelt gratitude to Catrina von Redecki for including in the festival a series of works in progress. It is a valuable endeavour to stay in the creative process, not trim all the loose ends, and tidy up to make a piece performance ready. There is an informal, sharing feeling about this series that I’m particularly fond of.

In the Studio takes place Saturday June 1st at 5:00 PM and Sunday June 2nd at 2:00PM at Guelph Youth Dance Studios, 42 Quebec Street.

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