Tavia Christina

“A seer foretells the end of the world.

Oracle asks how we might approach the end times. Drawing inspiration from the Anishinabe Seven Fire prophecy, as well as the Judeo-Christian account of Revelations, choreographer Tavia Christina and the dancers researched what it would be like for them to bear the weight of this knowledge, finding community, love, and celebration at the core of their collective response.”

Tavia Christina is a multi-hyphenate artist. They embrace their ethereal nature as a driving force in both their artistic expression and research. Their work touches genres between dance, theatre and performance art. As the Artistic Director of Near & Far Projects, their choreographic research and development are informed by improvisation, voice work, and a deep connection with their surrounding ecology. Their practice is based in somatic movement, improvisation, and spiritual endurance. They have a background in western contemporary dance training from Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as other mediums such as: curation, acting, poetry, and film. They have been a resident artist at the Toronto Heliconian Club 2019-2022, and Naked State 2018. Their film works have been screened at Guelph Dance Festival (Guelph, ON), Mile Zero Dance Festival (Edmonton, AB) and New Blue Dance Festival (Toronto, ON). They have presented work at The Museum (Hamilton,ON), Toronto Fringe Festival, The Citadel, Long Winter and Dance Makers.

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