Tanveer Alam

Toronto, ON

Tanveer Alam started his Kathak training with Sudeshna Maulik and continues to study with guru Sandhya Desai. Alam is a 2019 graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Alam has performed in the works of Janak Khendry, Rina Singha, Lata Pada, Brandy Leary, Noémie Lafrance, and Sanjukta Sinha. An emerging choreographer, he has been presented at Summerworks Festival, Battery Dance Festival +, and MAI – Montréal, arts, interculturels to name a few. Across the 21/22 season, he worked with international choreographer Padmini Chettur in her new work Chalking (Anandam Dancetheatre), and presented his new work The Tagore Project (Tangente).

Workshop: Fundamental Techniques of Kathak

This class will focus on the fundamental techniques of kathak, an Indian classical dance form, from the North of India. In this class we will work through the core concepts of kathak: rhythm as a grounding base and gestural movement that emerges form the work in the spine. 

There will be definitive focus given to learning the essential bases of the form which are: 

TAAL (rhythmic cycles)

TATKAR (foundational footwork)

HASTAKS (gestural movement)

CHAKKARS (spins)

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