raspberry joey / joey eddy

joey is a settler here on turtle island who began life being wooed by the ocean, her tides and the great orcas. under their spell they/he has become an endlessly inquisitive being working and playing as a guest on the unceeded territory of tkaronto and mooniyang/tiohti:áke. he is a trans, queer performer – singer, actor and dance artist – an actra member since 2001. joey works with children and families as well, in pre and post natal doula giving, care giving and somatic release therapy. his somatic release work focuses on embryology, energy medicine and genetic memory. he has been practicing as a somatic and energy work healer for the last 8 years through alignment work, reiki medicine, breath work, emotional and physical release with trauma-informed practice. as a performer he worked with zee thompson, willi dorner, andrew tay, kate nankervis, will ellis, robert kingsberry, brandy leary, aria evans, vania vaneau, justin deluna, lo bil, leelee oluwatoyosi eko davis, danah rosales, holly timpener, aquarius funkk, grey muldoon, among others.

one of joey eddy’s interests lies between found presence within giving radical, decolonial care and it’s relativity to the attunement of collective transformations in bodies during performance and performance making. eddy is thrilled to be chewing on queer politics, race politics, gender politics and disability politics within this work after years of feeling stuffed in a place he didn’t understand. he is a neurodivergent autistic human navigating the earthly currents with y’all, one moon at a time.

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