Prathyusha Dwibhashi

  • Kuchipudi (Indian Classical Dance)

Prathyusha Dwibhashi is a Kuchipudi Dancer, Performer and Teacher based in Guelph, Ontario. With an aim to bring wider and bigger representation for Kuchipudi, she started a dance school – Laasyam Kuchipudi Dance Academy in Guelph, Ontario. Her strength lies in dedicated and rigorous practice of the art form with fun and self-less teaching method.
She started her dance journey at the age of 4 by getting trained under esteemed gurus Smt. Vimmi Eeswar and Smt. Padmavani Mosalikanti. She performed across asia, middle-east, and eager to start performing, collaborating with various artists in North America. 
Class description – We will dive into the basics of Kuchipudi (Indian Classical Dance), explore techniques on how steps are done using traditional music. Looking forward to share my world of dance with you. 

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