Montana Summers

  • Oneida Nation of the Thames

Montana Summers( he/they) is from the Oneida First Nation of the Thames. Montana began training in the exploration of indigenous and contemporary dance when he was accepted into the Indigenous Dance Residency (2015) and Kaha:wi Dance Theatre’s Summer Intensive (2016). Kaha:wi Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Santee Smith brought Montana onto projects including The Mush Hole (2016-20), I Lost My Talk – National Arts Centre Orchestra (2016) and for the Grand Act of Theatre – Continuance: Yonkwa’nikonhrakontàhkwen – Our Consciousness Continues Unchanged (2020). Additionally, Montana previously acted for Backyard Theatre’s one time new production called The Other Side Of The River (2019). Montana continues to work on his abilities in performing arts with other small projects from Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, multiple collectives he is a part of, and other colleagues.

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