Mayumi Lashbrook

Foujita Foujita is a playful look at the luxuries and hardships of Japanese French painter Léonard Foujita Tsuguharu. A man who straddled two countries, known for his absurd and iconic looks, Foujita and his vast portfolio is a treasured part of art history.

Choreographer Mayumi Lashbrook (she/her) embodies Foujita’s determination and shameless drive for notoriety. She pays homage to the painter’s heyday in Paris, France when he was living next to Modigliani and Soutine in Cité Falguière – the historic location where the film is shot. Foujita Foujita is a glimpse at a Japanese visionary building a legacy within Eurocentric standards during the interwar period of the Roaring Twenties.

Performance and Choreography by Mayumi Lashbrook

Cinematography and Editing by Maximiliano Battaglia

Assisting Direction by Ponita Keo

Sound Design by Owen Moran

Directed by Mayumi Lashbrook

Mayumi Lashbrook (she/her) is a Japanese Canadian settler who seeks to expose, challenge, and rectify systems of oppression by creating innovative, introspective and inclusive dance theatre. She sees embodiment as at the crux of world making, providing alternatives to unconscious thought, consumerism and oppression. Her primary practices span performance, choreography, education and Artistic Direction. Mayumi is the Co-Artistic Director of Hamilton based Aeris Körper, a Co-Artistic Associate of CanAsian Dance and mentee of Denise Fujiwara of Fujiwara Dance Inventions. Mayumi’s different roles are all encompassing and overlapping. This enables her to approach projects and communities with openness, curiosity, excellence, and with deep satisfaction.

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