Margarita Soria

Margarita Soria (she/they) is a Tkarón:to/Toronto based dance artist, who is finally learning how to skateboard. Margarita has experience as a company dancer, freelancer, and recently as an outside eye. To begin stimulating her solo work, Margarita has completed residencies in Whitehorse, YT (The Heart of Riverdale) and in Oaxaca, Mexico (Pocoapoco). Main themes are self-preservation, escaping time, and the stirring between ‘mother’ and ‘father’. Margarita has Quechua/Mestizx Bolivian and Irish/Slovakian settler roots. They are currently learning to speak Quechua Chanka (Ayacucho, Peru), South Bolivian Quechua, as well as the Norte Potosí variety, which their family speaks. 

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