Katie Ewald

Guelph, ON

Katie Ewald is a dancer based in Guelph, Ontario. She has collaborated with celebrated artists like Ame Henderson/Public Recordings, Martin Bélanger/LAPS, k.g. Guttman, Lin Snelling, Chanti Wadge, Daniel Léveillé Danse, Forced Entertainment, Shary Boyle, Jenn E. Norton, and Katie Ward. She is known for being a sensitive and arresting performer.

Alongside her dancer career, she trained as a teacher in somatic and biomechanical practices. She will share with you tools to learn how to regulate your nervous system, help you understand your body and feel more connected to yourself.

She is the 6 time producer of Short&Sweet during both Kazoo!Fest and Guelph Dance Festival.

Workshop: Taking Care of the Whole Self

This workshop is about taking care of your whole self: your anatomical structure as well as what is contained inside.  Expanding on the skillful perception that dancers possess, we will enhance our own understanding of what we need and how to make that happen. We will use our own bodies as a site for imagining and creating healing and strength through wild images and anatomical knowns.   Ewald will create a space for grounding, self-love and examine movement as medicine for the dancer.   She will offer ideas and tasks inspired by modalities such as Pilates, Franklin, TMT Method and various release techniques.

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