Barbara Dametto

  • Mindfulness, Yoga and Story Creation

Barbara is a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, visual artist, sound healer and teacher. She is the founder and director of Breathe True Yoga located in Guelph, Ontario. Barbara has worked for the Ontario School Board as an artist in education and full-time drama, English, dance and visual art teacher for 25 years. Barbara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance and theatre (University of Waterloo), a Bachelor of Education degree in fine arts education (York University) and a Diploma/Certificate in Expressive Arts (Fleming College).

Barbara combines storytelling with yoga, mindfulness and expressive arts. Students explore aspects of dramatic arts through physical movement (yoga poses), story creation, spoken words, soundscapes and simple visual art activities. The stories chosen and or written will encourage self-reflection and themes of kindness and stewardship (ie. caring for animals, people, the planet etc.) Class ends with simple meditation techniques that focus on breath awareness and stilling the mind.

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