Audrianna Martin Del Campo

“Ö, Erdöben” follows a woman’s journey of transformation through the visceral communication between her past, present and future self. Inspired by the natural world and its influence on our energy, this film observes narratives she carries in her heart and body, weaving through how she understands herself within the environment. She explores the transformative sensitivity she holds inside as she navigates how her internal landscape shifts within her surroundings. This film hopes to explore the intimate dialogue that bridges the gap between realms of invisible and transmutes into physical narratives. Integrating personal themes of struggle and upheaval through an evolving healing journey, I hope this work celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, the immense strength in vulnerability and the liberation through creative expression.

Dancer/Interpreter – Andrea Martin Del Campo
Outside Eye – Gabriella Martin Del Campo
Sound Design – Zenon Zubyk
Director/DP/Editor – Audrianna Martin Del Campo

Audrianna Martin Del Campo is a Mexican-Canadian dancer and photographer currently based in Toronto, Ontario. She is inspired by radical authenticity, interdisciplinary collaboration and mystical creation across artistic mediums. Audrianna strives to capture stories and concepts in a unique and compelling light that lends a new perspective to the viewer’s imagination.

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