Ankita Alemona & Ameel Mohammed

“r3hearsal” gives a glimpse into what is perhaps our most sacred space as artists: our place of practice. What drives us to our place of practice? And what keeps us coming back? Through this piece, we reveal the beauty of process – a place of learning, shy smiles and sweet imperfections – as we share choreographic ideas in development. With this in mind, we approached our filming day like it was just another rehearsal – allowing ourselves to stay in practice, while still sharing a part of our journey with audiences. Our piece explores the idea that we are always at the beginning, the warrior within and the beauty of repetition through movement and the beat of three different drums: 1) the handpan, a unique drum from Switzerland (inspired by the Trinidadian steel drum), 2) the popular djhembe drum from West Africa, and 3) the captivating dumbek – a drum originally played in Egypt, Armenia and Turkey. The movement in this piece is a contemporary form of expression, drawing ideas and inspiration from the ancient martial art form of Kalaripayattu, a psychospiritual practice from Kerala, South India. This film has been created through the coming together of three artists – Ankita Alemona, Ameel Mohammed & Danny Drums.

r3hearsal by Ankita Alemona & Ameel Mohammed

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