The Art of Letting Go: a brief introduction to the Skinner Releasing Technique with Julia Sasso

Open to all ages and levels of experience, this workshop provides an introduction to the Skinner Releasing Technique. SRT offers a pioneering, inclusive approach to moving evolved from a simple principle: when we let go of habitual holding patterns we can move more freely, powerfully, and articulately. We access energy, improve strength and flexibility and awaken creativity & spontaneity. A considerable influence on leading choreographers, dancers, artists and populations of all kinds worldwide, SRT can enhance any movement style while fostering artistic sensibility and creative unfolding. The workshop will include improvisation, hands-on partner studies, diverse music worlds and image-actions as powerful tools for transformation. It is an experiential and intuitive approach, taking into account the physical body and the energies that move through and around us. For many, SRT is catalytic in their lives with multi-faceted, far-reaching effects.

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