Suzette Sherman

Three Musical Reflections: “Music summons stories from our lives” (David Earle). For me these beautiful pieces suggest the following. To Be Open speaks to the ever possible uncertainty in relationships. Thread Through Time is an offering to the power and beauty of enduring friendship. As It Is moves from disillusion to renewal. The music for Three Musical Reflections is from acclaimed Canadian musicians Gregory Hoskins (Guelph), Emilyn Stam (Toronto) and the late Oliver Schroer. I am thrilled to have Gregory and Emilyn joining us to perform in the festival.

Falling into Footsteps: The seed of this dance came one winter day while walking an icy trail slipping in and out of frozen footprints left by previous travellers. I am intrigued by paths, shared and yet unique and different, in our life journeys. Original music was created for Falling Into Footsteps by Adam Bowman, an esteemed local musician and friend. Our close collaboration helped me realize this piece.

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