Screen Dances Screening

Saturday, June 3, 5:00 to 6:15 PM

Royal City Mission Church

50 Quebec St.

Image Still from Foujita Foujita by Mayumi Lashbrook

Join us for a special, intimate screening of the films produced from Guelph Dance’s Screen Dances Series.

As Guest Curator for Guelph Dance, Aria Evans has curated nine individuals or collectives from Southwestern Ontario to create original dance films.

The dance films feature multiple genres that highlight different voices and life experiences to address the intersections of movement and media bringing to light the multiplicity of what is colonially known as Canada.


Aria Evans

  • Mayumi Lashbrook
  • Lucy Rupert, Ben Gorodetsky, Pulga Muchochoma
  • Alten Wilmont
  • Kwasi Obeng-Adjei
  • Tavia Christina
  • Tyler J. Sloane
  • Shivani Joshi and Purawai Vyas
  • Audrianna Martin Del Campo
  • Saysah

Oracle by Tavia Christina

A seer foretells the end of the world. 

Oracle asks how we might approach the end times. Drawing inspiration from the Anishinabe Seven Fire prophecy, as well as the Judeo-Christian account of Revelations, choreographer Tavia Christina and the dancers researched what it would be like for them to bear the weight of this knowledge, finding community, love, and celebration at the core of their collective response.

Shiva/Shakti – Eternal Lovers by Shivani Joshi and Purawai Vyas

This piece is inspired by a traditional Ardhanārīśvaram, a bharatnatyam dance in which two bodies move as one. Representing the everlasting duality of Shiva and Parvati, this piece shares their love as they hold the universe in between and within them. Shiva/Shakti – Eternal Lovers is about the fluidity of their shared and separate identities, the balance between their creation and destruction, and the equality and respect that their relationship holds.  We see Shiva’s gentle love and Parvati’s strength and determination; they are eternal reflections of each other.

Foujita Foujita by Mayumi Lashbrook

Foujita Foujita is a playful look at the luxuries and hardships of Japanese French painter Léonard Foujita Tsuguharu. A man who straddled two countries, known for his absurd and iconic looks, Foujita and his vast portfolio is a treasured part of art history. 

Choreographer Mayumi Lashbrook (she/her) embodies Foujita’s determination and shameless drive for notoriety. She pays homage to the painter’s heyday in Paris, France when he was living next to Modigliani and Soutine in Cité Falguière – the historic location where the film is shot. Foujita Foujita is a glimpse at a Japanese visionary building a legacy within Eurocentric standards during the interwar period of the Roaring Twenties. 

Performance and Choreography by Mayumi Lashbrook

Cinematography and Editing by Maximiliano Battaglia

Assisting Direction by Ponita Keo

Sound Design by Owen Moran

Directed by Mayumi Lashbrook

parent/CHILD by Lucy Rupert, Ben Gorodetsky, Pulga Muchochoma

A three part series exploring parent/child relationships through dance. Variations on roles and collaborative structures: parent behind the camera with child in front, both parent and child in front, and child behind camera with parent in front. 


for my beloveds, kin and self

may we all breathe a little easier through the grief

Ö, Erdöben by Audrianna Martin Del Campo

Ö, Erdöben follows a woman’s journey of transformation through the visceral communication between her past, present and future self. Inspired by the natural world and its influence on our energy, this film observes narratives she carries in her heart and body, weaving through how she understands herself within the environment. She explores the transformative sensitivity she holds inside as she navigates how her internal landscape shifts within her surroundings. This film hopes to explore the intimate dialogue that bridges the gap between realms of invisible and transmutes into physical narratives. Integrating personal themes of struggle and upheaval through an evolving healing journey, I hope this work celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, the immense strength in vulnerability and the liberation through creative expression.

Dancer/Interpreter – Andrea Martin Del Campo

Outside Eye – Gabriella Martin Del Campo

Sound Design – Zenon Zubyk 

Director/DP/Editor – Audrianna Martin Del Campo

Session One by Kwasi Obeng-Adjei

This short film explores the idea of expectations and manhood shown through Improvisational movement of the body. We are all at different stages in our lives but breaking our ideas of how we must live is constant value over our eyes. Very often we need the support of others to help us.

Everland by Tyler J. Sloane

From the first spark of an idea to the final dreamscape fantasy world of Tygr Willy’s mind. Witness the journey of Toronto’s Them Fatale playing in their fullest sensual, glamorous, and abundant joy through the art of the Tease.

D-League by Alten Wilmont

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

…and 99% of the ones you do.

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