Opening Night Panel Discussion

The Guelph Dance Festival will be hosting a panel on the topic of Dance for Social Change. Our 24th annual festival, our first live event in 2 years, will focus on coming together in person once again while also digging deep into discussions on how dance can impact positive social change through awareness, telling our stories and reflecting and healing as we come together.

Hosted by Kween, four panelists will each provide a 15-minute talk on how their work in dance has a mandate to bring positive social change and discuss the challenges and positive impacts they have seen and felt through their work.

With the incredible power of the #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #NeverAgain movements and our efforts towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, Guelph Dance feels it is essential that we ensure a space in our theatres, parks, and studios for voices that are often not given space to be heard. Guelph Dance Festival is an excellent platform for this as our audiences come to the festival to be challenged and exposed to something new. We encourage those that come to expect the unexpected and to be open to listen and to learn.

We would like to provide a safe space during this panel discussion for people to speak about what they feel is important moving forward as it relates to the art of contemporary dance. We are asking each panelist to speak to their burning issues in contemporary dance as it relates to social change. We will then provide an opportunity for the audience to reflect on what they heard and to add their voices to the discussion.



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