Open Class: Adapted Dance with Rebecca Barnstaple

Friday, May 31: 11 AM to 12 PM

IICSI ImprovLab
MacKinnon Bldg, Room 108
87 Trent Lane, University of Guelph

Presented by: IICSI

Open Class – May 31st – 11am; preceded by a lecture/webinar on adapted dance (Danse adaptee pour le bien-etre)

Adapted dance is a deeply improvisational practice, created in relation with people of diverse mobilities and ages. Community members and visitors are invited to join Rebecca Barnstaple for a drop-in class at 11am on May 31st as a Friday kick-off for the Guelph Dance Festival.

Rebecca has worked extensively with partners in dance/movement therapy, IMPROVment, dance for Parkinsons, and dance for health internationally. Inspired by this broad scope of practice, we will explore the possibilities present for the bodies in attendance.  All are welcome! 

The Open Class will be preceded by a LIVE broadcast of Danse adaptee pour le bien-etre, a webinar exploring programs and research associated with adapted dance offered in partnership with the National Centre for Dance Therapy and Chigamik Community Health Centre.

Rebecca Barnstaple (PhD Dance Studies; Graduate Program in Neuroscience 2020, York University) is the Manager of Community Initiatives, Research and Innovation at Centre Communautaire Chigamik Community Health Centre, Midland, Ontario, and an IICSI Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Guelph. A graduate of the National Centre for Dance Therapy at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (2015), she provides education and training in dance therapy and associated research globally. She has been involved in the development and delivery of improvisational arts and health initiatives in the United States (IMPROVment, Wake Forest University) and Canada (SingWell, Toronto Metropolitan University; Piece of Mind, McGill; Dance for Health, Nova Scotia) and serves in a leadership capacity for professional organizations including the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Canada (Accreditation and Certification Committee), the American Dance Therapy Association (Research and Practice Committee), and the International Association of Dance Medicine Science (International Benchmarking Standards Task Force, Dance for Health Committee). Rebecca directs the Research to Practice Lab for ZOE School of Dance Movement Therapy in Basel, Switzerland. 

By joining this workshop you acknowledge that you are participating in Guelph Dance’s festival workshop series. In the case of injury or accident of any kind during the workshop, neither Guelph Dance (GD) nor volunteer or staff of GD, or workshop leader(s)/artist(s) will be held liable for the occurrence. You hereby release GD, its employees, workshop leader(s)/artist(s), or volunteers from all claims or damage, which may arise out of any loss or personal injury to the participants in this workshop. You also understand that music used in the videos is not property of Guelph Dance and is for educational purposes only.

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