Meredith Blackmore

This work is an exploration of the animal nature of humans; the way our wildness is revered and shunned; our relationship to the natural world… the absurdity of being human!

Choreographer & performer: Meredith Blackmore

As a child, Meredith Blackmore trained at The National Ballet School. Her Fine Arts degree at The University of Guelph introduced her to Performance Art and, since, she has been combining painting with performance in live painting events and in dance with sculptural elements.

Thank you to Guelph Dance for the faith and support they offered in this 2021-2022 Residency. Thank you Dan of Bloom Media. Thank you, David Earle, for “roots and wings”. To my mentor Jaz Fairy J, thank you for taking me from “body” to “embodiment”.

Image by Bloom Media

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