The Kween Company

The piece is a story telling dance documentary through BIPOC community members. This is a story of both trial and tribulation. A journey of our ancestors, a exclamation of our present and a hopefulness to our future. This piece speaks to the issues facing BIPOC communities such as racism, white violence, white supremacy, activism and celebration. This will take your on a potentially uncomfortable energy journey as we address topics of pain, grief, and loss. But as we explore this feelings through movement we will come out stronger with the celebration, joy and resilience that is our community.

The Kween Company is a one stop hub for marketing and branding for BIPOC owned and operated businesses. It also supports BIPOC creatives in the dance and artist space while offering education and awareness in activism and on political issues. The Kween Company believes that everyone is royalty!

I thank my performers, my videographer and our photographer and all my support team for capturing this.

This piece is in honour of our ancestors and this land, we give gratitude to our Indigenous brothers and sisters who provided us safety, and now a place to create art.

This piece is dedicated to all those we have lost – those we have heard and have not heard. This piece is a dedication to all the tireless passion that our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, queer, family, activists and more continuously to put in for the sake of Black lives.

This piece was by the people – for the people!

This piece is about representation.

This piece is for the fight.

For the joy

And for


Performers in Order of Appearance

Kween, Sierra Koroma, Binty Koroma, Justin Reid, Jessica Singh, Mayara Lourenco, Natalie Elliott-Friesen, Dominique Myrie, Olaitan Ogunnote, Alexis Charles, Jill Palmer, Kirstie Griffiths, Marie-Eugenie Maggia, Melissa Kwiakowski, Anaya Harrison, Desiree Francis, Julia Shantz


Beyonce, Local Guelph BIPOC, Jason Derulo, Cynthia Erivo

Our Community Members

A special thanks to Guelph Dance – honestly could have not done it without your mentoring, supports and constant guidance though Covid

An extra special thanks to my mentor Holly Reid

The exceptional brilliant and bubbly Dan Charlebois from Bloom Media – Cinematographer, Editor, and my other half to making this dream a reality

Kween – Choreographer, Producer, Director

To my fellow Residents Georgia and Drew – it was so special dancing with you.

Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada, Canadian Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and the City of Guelph

Dev Thompson with D3vi Photography

Vanessa Laidley

Adriana Wilson

City of Guelph, Patricia, Tracy and Matthew

Style Encore

Miss E

Heritage Hall

Zocoalo Organic Farms

Jolly Bedi and the staff at Pita Pit

Trent from Enterprise Car

Chidi Nwene for the beautiful Kente cloth

Last but certainly not least, My Royal Family and my people – you are my strength, no words can thank you enough.

Photo by Devi Thompson from D3vi Photography

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