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After reading an article on Germanic female personalities from the 19th to the 21st century, the choreographer, Laura Arend, decided to take inspiration from the accomplishment of five of these women to create a new choreographic piece. These five women, little recognized or forgotten, are the source of this contemporary journey. In collaboration with Fanny Sage, Laura Arend has built four choreographic parts around these heroines of the shadow: Lise Meitner, Sophie Scholl, Clarenore Stinnes, Pina Bausch and Clara Schuman, whose music accompanies certain paintings. Her work on nuclear physics and radioactivity has made Lise Meitner famous, although the Nobel Prize Committee has never rewarded her work.A blatant case of unfairly recognized scientists, this woman nevertheless participated in the greatest discovery of the time on reactivity. Sophie Scholl’s integrity in the face of Nazism inspires an exploration of our own self- confidence and a reflection on our choices, our determination and correctness of interpretation. It was Clarenor Stinnes’ bravery that made her travel the world by car, thus becoming an example of physical and mental non-renunciation: it is to

Between utopia and purely imaginary construction whose realization is, a priori, out of our reach, Laboration Art Company wants to believe in the myth of a better world. A priori only, and this is the starting point of L.A.C. A world without borders, a world where civilizations cohabit, where differences enrich more than they divide. Led by Laura Arend, Laboration Art Company is a contemporary dance company that invites all audiences to travel. A formal dance born and nurtured from Laura Arend’s collaborations: technical and very physical, which draws the spectators into the company’s universe. Each creation is inspired by a journey or a different culture that the choreographer wishes to share with as many people as possible. India, Israel, Germany and China have already inspired Laura Arend.

with the support of the 3CL Luxembourg – Micadanses Paris – Bielefeld Tanz Festival thank you to our

Performers: Laura Arend and Fanny Sage

Tour Manager : Or Grosbard

Music: Didi Erez

Costume: Geneviève Pfeffer

Technical Manager and Light Manager : Jean-Yves Beck

Video : Tommy Pascal

With the support of the 3CL Luxembourg – Micadanses Paris – Bielefeld Tanz Festival

Photo by Laboration Art Company

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