IMPACT! How Board Members and Volunteers Make A Difference

Lynda Murray, during a donor campaign
Every not-for-profit arts organization relies on the service of a dedicated Board of Directors to contribute expertise to the organization and to make a difference in how the organization operates. Since its inception, Guelph Dance has been fortunate to have some amazing and passionate people as Board members, who have definitely made an impact! The main responsibility of the Board is overall governance of the organization, ultimately overseeing the healthy administration of Guelph Dance. While they serve in a voluntary capacity, they are rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing they are bringing fabulous contemporary dance to our community. Sure, they have to sit in on a few meetings, but they are also among the first to know about Guelph Dance’s Festival artists and new initiatives. They provide ideas, advice, feedback, and guidance in all areas of the organization.

Neal Kennard
Recently, there have been some major changes in our Board. First of all, we are sorry to see two excellent members, Lynda Murray and Neal Kennard, move on after making substantial contributions to Guelph Dance. Lynda was a key part of our rebranding initiative and was then asked to serve on the Board. She has willingly shared her knowledge during her time as a board member and given sage advice to our marketing efforts. Neal brought his expertise to our fundraising efforts, establishing guidelines and principles which we are continuing to move forward upon. I know I express the feelings of everyone connected with Guelph Dance in thanking Lynda and Neal for their extensive contributions to Guelph Dance.

Fortunately, two new members have stepped forward. Well not exactly new. Former president, Kim Bolton returns to the board and Lindsay Morris, former office manager, comes onto our board for the first time. Both individuals, with long commitments to Guelph Dance, bring a wealth of impetus and expertise to board. On behalf of the other members of the board, I welcome Kim and Lindsay. They will be important additions to our hard working group.

Another way for people to impact the direction of Guelph Dance is to serve as a volunteer on one of our committees: Artistic, Marketing, and Fundraising.  All three committees contribute valuable ideas and energy to the organization, helping us to thrive in all aspects of our work. Read about each committee below, and if you’re interested in joining one, contact us at [email protected]. The only requirements: you have a passion for dance, you’re invested in the success of Guelph Dance, and you’re a current member of our organization.

  • The Marketing Committee supports the promotion of all of Guelph Dance’s activities. Its goal is to develop yearly marketing campaigns that best communicate the organization’s performances, camps, workshops, and fundraising events. It advises on print media, online presence, promotional offers, and on the cultivation of patrons.
  • The Fundraising Committee takes on a leadership role in planning and coordinating revenue-generating strategies, from donation campaigns to special events. The Committee extends the reach of the organization beyond its existing networks to help cultivate support within the community.

  • The Artistic Committee believes in, and supports, the work of the Artistic Directors of Guelph Dance.  The Artistic Committee advises the Artistic Directors and ensures that Guelph Dance is meeting or exceeding its mandate, mission, and vision. Committee members support through brainstorming, event organization, and goal setting, but they do not serve as curators.
By volunteering on one of our committees, you can help make the 2015-16 Guelph Dance season the best ever! You can make an impact!
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