GCDF 2012!

GCDF 2012 was everything we’d hoped it would be—and more: it moved us, it amazed us, it surprised us. It was inventive, audacious, and spiritual. We came together by the hundreds to witness artistry in many shapes and forms as it unfolded on stage, in the studio, and in the park.
On the Stage B. LINK Dance. Photo by Jamie MacDonald
Janet Johnson and Catrina von Radecki, GCDF founders and co-artistic directors, share their thoughts about this year’s festival:
Janet: This year, almost more than ever, I felt the deep sense of this brilliant Guelph community, and their urge for meaningful, joyful, profound moments of art and humanity to celebrate. I felt very honoured to be one to help propel this art event forward, and for this event to be not only accepted but craved by some. I felt the immense satisfaction of the visiting artists to be embraced so warmly, to have their work dug into so voraciously. Personally, I loved sitting in the studio, theatre, and park and receiving these gifts of art. I felt myself buzzing, rejoicing, wanting to move!
In the Park. Fall on Your Feet Collective. Photo by Jamie MacDonald
In the Park. Zata Omm. Photo by Jamie MacDonald.
Catrina: We are incredibly happy with how everything went this weekend! The artists were so diverse, so highly skilled, and it was amazing to see them all interacting, laughing and enjoying there time in Guelph. From seeing young choreographers crying at the response they received from the audience, to reading numerous surveys where people responded that they loved everything, that they were touched, moved, and inspired. That they were stirred by the wealth of talent, the beautiful bodies moving in space, the honesty, the pure raw unadulterated dance, and the humour. Thank you to all the artists for bringing your work to Guelph, to all the patrons who let themselves be powered up and swept away, and to our incredible staff and huge body of volunteers who ensure we continue to offer a well-organized and celebrated event. Thank you to all our supporters, funders, foundations, donors and sponsors who help to ensure that all of Guelph can have access to this incredible level of dance talent from across the country. We hope to see you next year!!!
On the Stage A. Kaeja d’Dance. Photo by Jamie MacDonald.

On the Stage B. Kinesis Dance somatheatro. Photo by Jamie MacDonald.

Youth Moves. Guelph Youth Dance Company. Photo by Jamie MacDonald.
And the following is a short video of highlights from GCDF 2012 by Michele Ayoub, director of the upcoming GCDF documentary.

Festival ’12 from Guelph Dance on Vimeo.

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