2018 Guelph Dance Festival

In the Park

Cinetic Creations

Toronto, Ontario

CAKE! 2018

Choreographed by Sharon B. Moore

A young woman set on high-voltage, wends her way through an obstacle course trying to keep all the balls of life in the air while […]

Red Sky Performance

Toronto, Ontario

Miigis (excerpt) 2017

Choreographed by Jera Wolfe

Fusing contemporary Indigenous dance with powerful music, MIIGIS explores the catalysts, trade routes and stories of a journey from the Atlantic Coast to the Great […]


Toronto, Ontario

La gigue en souvenir 2008

Choreographed by Sylvie Bouchard

La gigue en souvenir makes the past come alive through a journey inspired by the energy, the complexity and the vigour of the traditional dance from […]


Montreal, Quebec

KLOROFYL (excerpt) 2011

Choreographed by Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho

Influenced from the 1964 Japanese film Seven Samurai, warriors need to regain their spark when they are forced to work together for survival. Their turbulent […]

Dance Market

After the In the Park performances try some different movement forms from local practitioners: Binty Koroma & Bintou Barrow, Afro Tribal Dance Living Yoga and […]

On the Stage

Susie Burpee & Robyn Thomson Kacki


Cotton Handkerchiefs and Dog’s Tears 2017

Choreographed by Susie Burpee & Robyn Thomson Kacki

Cotton Handkerchiefs and Dog’s Tears Dancing, not dancing with boxes and big heartsin suits black and dog’s crying,handkerchiefs dropping, and hands holding,piano wailing …but the dog.– Anonymous 18th century […]

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre

Toronto, Ontario

SEEDS.whisper 2017

Choreographed by Jennifer Archibald

We live in a world of noise. At what point are we free enough to allow our thoughts to go below surface level? Our body […]

Fila 13 Productions

Montreal, Quebec

Tempo al Dente 2017

Choreographed by Lina Cruz

What to do with a two-faced clock running around like a chicken without a head? Domestication, domestication! Carefree and nonchalant, two adventurous characters depart on […]

Kaeja d’Dance

Toronto, Ontario

Crave 2013

Choreographed by Karen Kaeja

Quadrupal Dora Mavor Moore 2017 nominated CRAVE and winner for outstanding male, CRAVE is poignant, romantic, whimsical and chaotic. A duet that mines intimacy while navigating loneliness, […]

Pamela Tzeng

Carlgary, Alberta

A Meditation on the End by Jo-Lee 2017

Choreographed by Pamela Tzeng

With death in arms, then at her feet, Jo-Lee muses on what has given her unconventionally conventional life meaning. In this bare bones duet, Tzeng leaps into […]

Mix Mix Dance Collective

Toronto, Ontario

Follow Me 2017

Choreographed by Emily Law & Ashley Perez

Follow Me was created for the 2017 Games of La Francophonie in Abidjan, where they were selected to be part of Team Canada as part […]

In the Studio

Solana Del Bel Belluz

Montreal, Quebec

Titan 2018

Choreographed by Solana Del Bel Belluz

Titan is a physical meditation on the adaptive, responsive, and powerful architecture of the human body. The work is a continuous, folding and unfolding revolution […]

Amber Sherwood-Robinson

Guelph, Ontario

Unknown 2018

Choreographed by Amber Sherwood-Robinson

This piece was originally developed with eight dancers aged nine to 13, and seemed to turn into something dealing with conformity vs. individuality. Since re-working […]

not applicable productions

Toronto, Ontario

Re:set 2018

Choreographed by Robert Kingsbury

An exploration of interfacing with virtual technologies that mines a decade of videogame-playing for sensations, movements and internal meanings. Is performative dance in its Western […]

Julia Garlisi

This piece explores the theme of anguish, defeat and personal resilience. In the moment of loss, there is a silence so loud it breaks the […]

Youth Moves

The Guelph Youth Dance Company

Guelph, Ontario

The Four Seasons Project: WINTER 2018

Choreographed by Lacey Smith

The Four Seasons Project was developed by Dasein Dance to bring youth together from different cities and to engage them in a collaborative creative process. […]

Julia Garlisi

Jerseyville, Ontario

Bildungsroman 2017

Choreographed by Julia Garlisi

This piece explores the emotional growth and spiritual journey of a young woman transitioning from adolescences to adulthood. Set to the music by Anges Obel, […]

YMI Dancing

Toronto, Ontario

Girl Interrupted 2012

Choreographed by Bethany Litner

Inspired by the novel by Susanna Kaysen, this piece explores the issue of mental health within society, predominately amongst young women. Within the piece, the […]

CSD Dance Company, Contemporary School of Dance

Waterloo, Ontario

Be The Change 2018

Choreographed by Georgina Rombough

The music motivates the choreography and inspires movement that embodies giving and receiving, caring and understanding, hope and peace.  Through improvisation tasks we explore movement […]

Swansea School of Dance

Toronto, Ontario

Shoalmates 2015

Choreographed by Christy Stoeten

Shoalmates playfully ponders the shoaling and schooling patterns of fish. At times we’ll witness the dancers working together as a unit, and at other times […]

Dasein Dance Young Company

London, Ontario

From Darkness 2018

Choreographed by Lacey Smith

Inspired by Gregorio Allegri’s stunning Miserere Mei, From Darkness explores the idea that light can only be found in darkness. “In our day and age, […]

Carousel Dance Company

Waterloo, Ontario

Colouring 2017

Choreographed by Ken Pham

Dedicated to a friend, colouring explores the difficulties of mental health in a toxic relationship from one person’s perspective. Unaware of the reflections we’ve created […]


Masterclasses with Suzette Sherman

Suzette Sherman, longtime associate of master choreographer and teacher David Earle, will teach technique classes in his Graham based dance language. These classes are open […]

Mix Mix Dance Collective Street Dance Workshop

The members of Mix Mix Dance Collective will bring you a whacking and house workshop.  Learn to groove, jack and skate to soulful house beats. The class is […]

“Getting on Your Feet” Contemporary Indigenous Dance Workshop with Red Sky Performance

“Getting on Your Feet,” facilitated by Red Sky Associate Artist, Eddie Elliott. This young Maori performer is both energizing and refreshing in his delivery of […]

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: The Future of Contemporary Dance

The 2018 Guelph Dance Festival hosted a panel discussion on the Future of Contemporary Dance. As we celebrated our 20th annual festival, we were looking to our past to recognize […]
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